Why Modular Homes?

With NJ Modular Solutions, you save before you spend! Due to our construction speed, costs are controlled and kept to a minimum enabling us to guarantee that you will save some cash. With multiple floor plans available, you will be able to find something that fits your budget from the start.

NJ Modular Solutions can build and customize your home to your suit and personal taste.

Our Homes qualify for all mortgage programs. We can refer you to mortgage and construction loan lenders or we can work with any lender you prefer.

    Home Options/Types:
  • Rancher
  • T-Split
  • Cape Cod
  • Two Story
  • Split-Level
  • Multi-Family Houses
  • Colonial
  • Handicap Accessible

Modular home components are produced in a quality controlled factory environment, fully protected from all of the elements. Your home is fully inspected, ensuring the highest level of quality. The home arrives on-site 85 percent complete and built in one-third of the time that a site built home would take. Construction is seldom delayed due to weather. With careful planning, you can be living in your new home in a matter of weeks.

Speed and consistent quality are two major advantages of modular housing. On average a home will be built in two sections in the factory. The modular components are complete with the interior finish right down to carpets. Like conventional site built construction, all modular homes must comply with regional codes.

Benefits of Modular Homes
• Construction completed in an indoor factory (controlled enviornment)
  - materials are not left in the elements (poor weather) to warp or hold moisture
  - materials not subject to theft or vandalism
  - cost savings benefit, no material delivery fees.
• Every stage of production is carefully monitored.
  - Thorough quality control process throughout the construction of your modular home provides 100% assurance that your modular home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. • Very minimal construction delays, (if any).
• Because modular homes are built in a factory, a controlled environment that is unaffected by variables that plague site-built homes, such as poor weather and theft or vandalism. Not only does this cut down on construction time (which saves money) it leads to a better product. A quality modular home is assembled using name brand products that can be purchased by the modular home manufacturing facility from suppliers in large quantities at reduced costs.

Recap: With approximately 75-85% of the structure completed in the factory, there are fewer delays from inspections and bad weather at the building site. The chance of material theft and vandalism is minimized, fewer subcontractors are needed to complete the project and stress upon the surrounding community is significantly reduced